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Impressions of the first Botshackathon in Vienna
The BotsHackathon: creating
a chatbot in a single day
"The outcome and one of the best parts for me was the feedback that I received from the participants – all those words about how cool the event was and that they learnt a lot in such a short period of time. We had 20 presentations! That, I honestly didn't expected"
– Natalie Korotaeva, organiser.

About The TEAM


The idea was hanging in the air – everyone (okay, most of the people we are surrounded by) was talking about this new thing: chatbots. Therefore, when Tosh actually said one day "you know, it could be a cool idea to do a BotsHackathon" Natalie swiftly replied "okay, let's do it, what do we need?".
David, Natalie, Thomas and Jakob organised this event with developers (Rene, Phill, Barbara, Mario & Andre), partners and wonderful sponsors.
8hrs of coding

happy hardcore hacking madness
8 coaches

experienced developers with a passion to teach
70 participants

from absolute beginners to developers with their own projects
20 chatbots

for the Facebook messenger, Telegram and Slack.
"This is a great opportunity for Vienna to become Europe's leading messaging and bots hotspot"
– David Pichsenmeister, organiser

I had a great time and learned a lot!
— Jan Hruby, UX/UI Designer at Pioneers
Bots Hackathon Vienna was a super inspiring experience.
The messenger platforms are still so new that it is difficult to grasp how the future will look like,
but we definitely got a taste of it at the event.
I'm so happy about the participants and mentors that showed up. It was a lot of fun.
— Thomas Schranz, organiser
"The Hackathon organisers were very helpful and friendly and I am glad that I met so many motivated people in one place and I am proud of the result!"
– Patrick Fuchs, event manager at Austrian Startups

Philipp Holly
Coach & Mentor
"The first botshackathon was awesome! It was super cool to share my experience with all the participants from beginners to pros. I loved all the new chatbot ideas.
Looking forward to the next "botsathon"."
Barbara Ondrisek
Coach & Mentor
"Being a mentor, coach, and judge was pretty amazing and inspiring! I was very happy to see so many encouraged and motivated people helping Vienna to become the Bot Spot of Europe!"
René Tanczos
Coach & Mentor
"Seeing people sitting together and helping each other inspired me. Especially, while working on bots I saw how funny it can be to simulate a conversation and give life to something."
David Peherstorfer, David Mann, Todor Lazov,Larisa Stanescu (github source)
2. BotTender
Alex Newtron, Eva Lettner, Ramon Huidobro, Tanya San ,Tommy Meyer-Ortiz,
Patrick Fuchs
3. Sepa Digital
Rene Kapusta

The winners of A1 challenge:
1. Smartphone choice
Stefan Wüst & Berni Schaffer
3. First Contact
Dominik Felix

Special prizes from TheVentury &
1."Tell me Qando Qando Qando" or "TLQ³".
Neel Shah, Jan Hrubý, Christoph Schnedlitz
2. OfficeFoodOrder

At the end of the hackathon we really ended up with a functioning chatbot that was a great achievement for our team. It was a great challenge, experience and a lot of fun!

— Viktoriya Lazarova
The hackathon was intense, super exciting and helpful for a total beginner like me (let's party - I took the 3rd place, yay!). Especially the organisation and the location were outstanding.

– Dominik Felix
And one more thing – we filmed a short video capturing your impressions <3
The story of the BotsHackathon
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